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Skeet Program 2017


(per round of 27 clays)
(per round of 27 clays)

We welcome experienced shooters and “newbies”:

If you know nothing about skeet but want to try it, come out and attend an event (free) and talk to us who shoot.   There is a wealth of knowledge and experience with this group.    We can cover what you need, what to practice and many different techniques. The groups experience will save you money when you get started and get you the right, best equipment. If you are an experienced shooter be ready for a challenge… mixed birds, winds, weather (just like a hunt).

To shoot you must have eye and ear protection. You need a shotgun and ammo. We sometimes have loaners available. We shoot #9, #8 or #7-1/2 shot. We shoot 12, 20, 28 .410 gauges. We shoot all types of shotguns. (semi-auto, O/U, tactical). The cost of the gun does not make a better shooter! We shoot American Skeet but are mixing some International again. (skeet shooters will know what that means) All shooters must sign a release each time they shoot. Under 18 requires a parent signature as well.

2017 Schedule:


None scheduled (but may happen)

March 25

Skeet 10:00 AM (Weather Permitting)

April 8

Skeet 9:30 AM

April 29

Skeet 9:30 AM

May 6

Skeet 9:30 AM & Cinco-De-Maya Party

May 20

Skeet 9:30 AM

June 3

D-Day (range reserved)

June 10

Skeet 9:30 AM

June 24

Skeet 9:30 AM

July 8

Women On Target (range reserved)

July 15

Skeet 9:30 AM

July 29

Skeet 9:30 AM

August 19

Skeet 9:30 AM

September 9

Skeet 9:30 AM

September 23

Skeet 9:30 AM

October 14

Skeet 10:00 AM

November 4

Skeet 10:00 AM (Weather Permitting)


None scheduled (but may happen)

Cold Weather Considerations:
Generally we start at 9:30 or 10AM. It takes about 25 min to shoot a round.   A round is a group of 6 guys (or less) who shoot a round together.  If there are more guys, some will set to shoot the next round or help which makes it go faster.  We generally continue shooting until you are cold, out of ammo or tired.   We do have a house to warm up in when it is cold. If we have more participants we will shoot more rounds.  The weather.... Well if it is a blizzard then we won't shoot.   We try to shoot every planned day.   We have shot in the rain, wind, cold etc.    If it starts pouring when you get there.... you might not want to stand in the rain and shoot!
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