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Subgun Program

In 2002, ALGC reinstated shooting activities using pistol caliber submachine guns. All subgun activities are limited to director scheduled match dates only, (please see calendar below for dates.)

All new SMG shooters will receive formal operational instruction PRIOR to the published match start times....please be punctual.

Match fees:
$5 members
$7.50 associate members

Gun rental: $5
Shooters supply their own ammo for both clinic and matches

Shooters supply their own ammo for both clinic and matches - calibers 9mm, 45 ACP, 22LR and .30 carbine.

NFA registered firearms are available for rent for all ALGC matches.


  • By definition, submachine guns discharge pistol caliber cartridges only.
  • Firearms are operated in select fire and controlled burst fashion only.
  • Participants may utilize their own NFA registered submachine guns, (please bring copy of your ATF approval).
  • No use of reloads in "rental" firearms, unless agreed upon by owner.
  • For safety reasons, no submachine guns will be permitted without a shoulder stock.
  • Rental firearms are returned to inventory, cleaned.

SMG Rentals

2020 Schedule

Aug15 Sat Cancelled

Sep 7  Mon

Subgun Shoot (Details)


Pin Range

Nov 7  Sat

MG Pumpkin Shoot (Details)

12:00 pm-3:00pm

50 Yd Range

All start times are Noon on Saturday

M1 & M2 .30 caliber carbines are now permitted for use on the bowling pin range for SUBGUN events ONLY!

Come on out, you'll have a blast!

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