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Bowling Pin Program

"Timer's ready!"
"Guns on the rail!"
"Shooter's ready!"
Those four commands will start your mind racing and your adrenalin pumping in the fast paced sport of pinshooting. WHATshooting? That's right, bowling pins. Three and a half pounds of tough, mean, hard skinned, thumbin' their nose at you outcasts of the local bowling alley.
Didn't they tell him? You can't use a phaser for bowling pins!
Didn't they tell him you can't use a phaser for bowling pins?
Looks easy enough, all you have to do is stand 25 feet away from a table that has five pins set up on it. At the fire command, raise your firearm and blast the pins off the table until the last one hits the ground- that's when the watch stops. Do it two more times, the slowest time is thrown out, and the fastest two are averaged for your score. All this fun for only $3.00 for three 5-pin tables.
That was fun!
That was fun!
Don't have a pin gun? Yes you do! We offer classes ( see below ) for practically any caliber of handgun and gauge of shotgun. No subguns, long guns, or crew served weapons please.

We don't strictly adhere to IPSA (International Pin Shooting Association) pin setups for all events. However, we do follow IPSA safety rules. Our top two priorities are SAFETY and FUN, in that order. Eye protection is required at all times at the pin range. If you can see the pinshoot bay, make sure you have your glasses on. The range officer has the final say on any safety related issues, (such as, but not limited to: gun handling, caliber, ammo type, adequate eye protection, firearm defects, etc.).

2017 Bowling Pin Match Schedule:

Sunday March 26  


Sunday April 23


Sunday May 28

Women's pins 2pm-5pm (Scores)

Sunday June 18


Sunday July 2


Sunday July 30


Sunday Aug 13


Sunday Aug 27


Sunday Sept 17


Sunday Oct 22

New shooters are encouraged to show up 30 minutes before the official start time for an orientation session. We will try to pair you up with an experienced pinshooter to coach you through your first few tables. Hope to see you there!

Two tiered table pin classes (two up, three down):
All limited to 8 rounds in the gun at any time
Auto Shotgun- 12 & 16 gauge, #6 or larger shot only
Pump Shotgun- 12 & 16 gauge, #6 or larger shot only
Limited Auto- Iron sights only, no compensators or weights
Unlimited Auto- Optics, comps, weights, etc.
Limited Revolver- Iron sights only, no compensators or weights
Unlimited Revolver- Optics, comps, weights, etc.
Single Action Rev.- For the cowboy shooters

One tiered table pin classes (five pins on bottom)
No round limit (except Subway)
Limited .22 rimfire- Iron sights only
Unlimited .22 rimfire- Optics and everything else
9mm/.40 S&W- Duty style guns
Shotgun- .410 through 20 gauge
Subway event- 3" or shorter barrels, 6 round limit, special pin set

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