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Walton Hills Police Dept. will be using the 50yard combination rifle / pistol range for K-9 training on Tues Oct. 23, 2018 from 0900 to 1500hrs. Approximately 8 to 10 officers and their K-9 partners will attend. ALGC member Officer Mike Gervase will be the officer in charge.

Web Site Updates 2018

Nov 12 CQC Scores link
Oct 27 High Power Scores
Oct 24 Down Range Report posted in members only area
Oct 21 Bowling Pin Match scores
Oct 15 Muzzle Loading Match scores
Oct 9 High Power Scores posted
Oct 3 Sausage Roast Details
Oct 2Sept 29 High Power Scores
Sep 26Down Range Report posted in members only area
Sep 24Silhouette & Bowling Pin Scores posted
Sep 17 Clambake details & reservation form
Sep 10 High Power scores & Muzzel Loading Match detail
Aug 27 High Power & Bowling Pin scores
Aug 25 September Down Range Report posted in member only pages
Aug 21 Vintage Sniper Match scores
Aug 20 Silhouette Scores and notice regarding Garfield Hts Police use of ranges
Aug 13High Power & Bowling Pin match results
Aug 8CQC page and rules updated
Aug 2July Silhouette scores posted
Jul 30Bowling Pins scores
Jul 29Down Range Report posted in members only area
Jul 273 Gun Match cancelled
Jul 22CQC schedule updates & Octoberfest details
Jul 17Francis Marion details
Jul 16July 14 High Power Scores
Jul 9July 8 High Power Scores
Jun 3OTMR Match scores
Jul 2Bowling Pins scores & July Newsletter
Jun 28D-Day Scores
Jun 25High Power Scores & socail even details
Jun 18Bowling Pin Scores & High Power Garand scores posted
Jun 4D-Day High Power Scores
May 28Tact Shotgun scores & Bowling Pin scores posted
May 24Polish Dinner details & June newsletter posted
May 21May 20 High Power scores posted
May 15May 12 High Power scores posted.
May 3Work party dates in May & June added
Apr 28May Down Range Report posted in Members Only area
Apr 27Social events schedule for June, July, August updated
Apr 23Bowling Pin Scores posted. High Power scores posted
Apr 16IDPA Practiscore info updated; Tactical Scores posted
Apr 3Silhouette schedule posted
Ma5 30Cancelled Sausage Roast & Changed schedule for Francis Marion
Mar 25Bowling Pin Scores posted
Mar 23April Down Range Report in Members Only area
Mar 20News update and work party schedule
Feb 25Aerial photo of club, & Sausage Roast details
Feb 24March Newsletter (Down Range Report) posted
Feb 19Calendar updated with full year schedule
Feb 12Updated Work Party reprot for 2017
Jan 31Bowling Pin 2018 Schedule and program updates
Jan 29Winter Banquet schedule & details.
Jan 27February Down Range Report in member only area
Jan 4 2018January Down Range Report in members only area

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