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High Power Program

2017 Schedule

April 22

Clinic 9:00 Pavilion. Practice Match 300 yard range 1 PM

April 30

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

May 6

Service Rifle Match 10:00 AM (Scores)

May 20

Service Rifle Match 10:00 AM (Scores)

June 3

D Day Match (Scores)

June 10

M1 for Vets Benefit Match. CMP sanctioned M1 Garand match. 10:00 Benefit Diner held in the pavilion starting at 4 PM. Details (Scores)

July 1

Springfield, FSR, and Modern Military Match 10:00 M1 Carbine Match stating at 1 PM. (Scores)

July 8

Woman on Target

July 9

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

August 5

Service Rifle Match 10:00 (Scores)

August 26

Vintage Sniper Team Match / Modern Sniper Team match 11:00 at the 300 yard range. Note: The match will be preceded by a scope rifle clinic conducted by Ted Morley in the pavilion starting at 8:00 AM

The match will be 10 rounds each team member from the 200 yard line and 300 yard line pluse 2 sighters.. Vintage and modern rifles will use different targets. Cost of the match is $5,00 per team member.
August 27 Woman’s High Power Match 12:00

September 3

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

September 24

Service Rifle Noon (Scores)

October 8

Service Rifle Match 12:00 (Scores)

October 21

Service Rifle Match 10:00 (Scores)

Shooters meet on 300yd range 10 minutes before scheduled match time.

New Modern Military Class

High Power shooters! Be sure to check out our 
new Tactical Rifle and Shotgun program for more fun!

Also, Friends of Camp Perry

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