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High Power Match Scores

September 10, 2022

9-10-22 XTC Match

Shooter Standing Rapid Sitting Rapid Prone Slow Prone Match Total  Rifle

Bryan Scott 189-2x 199-6x 200-6x 200-9x 788-23x S/R
Mark Miller 164-0x 186-4x 195-4x 190-7x 735-15x S/R
John Hill 130 1x 191-4x 193-4x 196-5x 710-14x S/R
Ken Lovasz 158 1x 188 2x 124-2x 176-2x 646 2x S/R
Richard Kriefall 145-0x 167-0x 178-0x 130-0x 621-0x S/R

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