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High Power Match Scores

June 18, 2020

High Power Match Results for 6/18/22

This match includes M1 Garand, Springfield, Foreign Service Rifle or Modern Military Rifles. Competitors may fire any two. Next Wooden Stock Match is July 2nd.



Roy Mitchell                        M1 Garand                                                  279 5x          

                                                1903A3 Springfield                                    285 6x

Curt Petchler                       1903A3 Springfield                                    283 5x

                                                Modern Military                                         276 6x

John Hill                                1903A3 Springfield                                     254 1x

                                                Modern Military                                         263 4x

Mark Miller                          Unlimited Mod Military                           272 3x

Ken Lovasz                           M1 Garand                                                  240 0x

                                                1903A3 Springfield                                    234 3x

David Hawthorne               1903A3 Springfield                                    195 2x

                                                .303 Enfield                                                  186 0x                      

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