Notice of CPM sanctioned M1 Garand Match

Date: Saturday June 16th

Entry Fee: $20.00 Members and Non-Members. $10.00 for Juniors.

All Match proceeds will be donated to the M1 for Vets Program.

Firing Starts at 10:00 am Trigger Weighing and sign in will begin at 9AM at the 300 yard line.

Course of Fire: 5 sighters, 10 rounds slow fire prone, 10 rounds rapid fire prone and 10 rounds slow fire offhand at 200 yards.

Rules: Current Edition of CMP Rules.

If you do not have an M1 Garand, not to worry you may fire any rifle out of competition and enjoy in the Fun.

Awards: Achievement pins for CMP cut scores. Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Match Director: John Hill, High Power Director 440-478-4708