Ashland Lake Gun Club

Close Quarters Carbine
2016 Season

CQC is a small, advanced shooting program that meets in the indoor range one Saturday each month as a tactical forum brought to life. Live fire exercises under the duress of external pressures such as;
  • no light,
  • low light,
  • timer,
  • unknown threats,
  • induced malfunctions,
  • other challenging disruptive stimuli.
Doors, walls, and other props are employed to challenge the shooter with drills, blind scenarios, and staged courses of fire. Participants must have a long gun chambered in 9mm, .45 ACP, or .22lr with a sling, weapon mounted light, and at least 2 magazines. Additionally, a secondary weapon system with light, holster, and magazines is required. Small venue, small attendance…


Saturday, January 30,    8:30 AM (scores)
Saturday, February 20,   8:30 AM (scores)
Saturday, March 19,       8:30 AM (scores)
Saturday, October 1,       8:30 AM (Scores)
Saturday, November 5,    8:30 AM (Scores)
Saturday, December 10,  8:30 AM (Scores)

Please contact Andrew at or 216 470 0270 a week prior to event date to reserve your spot.

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